Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moon Light!!! My 3d art work

Moon Light- The lighter moments I shared with you under the moon light, its a life time memory for me to relish...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Festival Of Fasting!!!

Festival around the world is mostly filled with lot of fun, party and celebrations. We eat as much as we can and will enjoy to the fullest, whereas Ramzan is celebrated as festival of fasting.
The day time on awake one shouldn’t eat or drink anything not even a drop of water, after dusk when start to fall asleep one can have anything he/she want , and the lesson of strive for hungry has been taught throughout the day in the awaken time.
Realize what hungry is all about, through that feed the poor who are in struggle for food and that’s the divine principle behind Ramzan fasting.

Islam has given its people five duties:

Faith towards god and believe god is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Worshiping god, Five times of prayer in a day and that to in the form of gathering as a society with common belief towards god.

Charity is one of the most important duty, help out the poor who are in need, a true Muslim has to spend thirty percent of his earnings to charity. People do charity only when they are wish to do it, but Islam coded it as a duty and that’s the most phenomenal quality Islam preaches to the world.

Ramzan fasting for a month period which teaches us what hungry is all about.

Mark your foot prints at Mekka for at least once in life time. People from across the globe irrespective of continent and countries join there with a common belief and faith towards god.

Islam means get surrender to god and it is only achievable with right deeds
God is merciful, Compassionate and he is bigger than everything
Happy Ramzan!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Stupid Thoughts On Experiences!!!

Jus try out some of my stupid thoughts on experiences, if you have not tried yet before!!!

How to experience frustration?
Hmm jus try to count the number of hairs on ur head u end up in no result, n sure u can experience frustration


How to experience irritation?
To experience this you should be an married person, if not jus wait until u get married,,,


How to experience love failure?
find some one and act like making love, definitely you will end up in a failure ...
the beauty is, the result will be both the same for real love and reel love,,,


How to experience job?
Simply jus do your job and if you are not comfortable in doing it, jus watch others how they do it,,,


How to experience loneliness?
Don't take bath for at least two weeks, and see how people get run away from you,,,


How to experience nonstop crying?
switch on the idiot box and watch for mega serials


How to experience bankruptcy?
consult your nearest Doctor


How to experience a horrible noise ?
open up your mouth and just sing for a while


How to experience waste of time?
At present you are experiencing it by reading my post,,,


Relax! Relax! take it easy--- hahahaha

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recognise the contribution of labour community!!!

THE INTERNATIONAL Labor Day or Workers day is celebrated every year on May 1 but for most of us May Day is nothing but a holiday on our calendar. We have been coming across different types of poor labourers in our routine life starting from the garbage picker, housemaid, laundryman, tailor, cobbler, mason, plumber, electrician, street vendor etc. They are part of our society, but the only difference is they are the struggling class of our society!!!

It is a fact that everyone in this world struggles for something and it is part of our life, but for labourers, most of them struggle all their lives.
The products we use, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the house we stay in, all that carries a history of hard work and intense workmanship of a poor labourer who is hidden behind it.

The society knows the hard working capabilities of the laborers, but it completely denies in recognizing it. For example: Jus think what the social respect is given for a Bus driver. Did we ever appreciate a bus driver? You may ask why I should... For us driver is jus a driver who moves the bus from one place to another. But look at the responsibility he holds, he might have so much of personal problem running through his mind but at once he catches up the steering he needs to forget everything and he holds complete responsibility of our lives until we reach our destination. We take a long night journey on a bus; say a stretch of 8 to 12 hours of time by sleeping comfortably on the pushback seats, at morning once we reach the destination we not even say a small thanks to the driver, who kept his eye open entirely throughout the night and provided us a safer journey, but we wont forget to make sms and calls to our loved ones saying, reached safely had a happy journey and blah, blah, blah… But this entire safe journey and happy journey is given by the fellow poor driver whom we forgotten to recognize or appreciate.

Things which we feel unhealthy condition for living Like pollution in construction sites, the high temperature heat inside the factory, the disgusting smell of garbage’s etc, etc. They don’t mind on living with these, because it becomes the bread and butter for there life.

Every work as its own importance, each and every laborer behind it is very important.Social respect, Social recognition & Social security are the ultimate needs for today’s laborer’ And it is our (you, me and society) responsibility to provide them all…

Happy May Day!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010