Monday, May 9, 2011

Short story---Akshaya Tritiya

Short story---Akshaya Tritiya

Ram was seated cozily on the cane chair, at the drawing room of his residence; the clock showed 7.40 am. He was going through the daily newspaper, kavya his wife walked to him with a cup of coffee in her hand. Receiving the cup of coffee on his hands Ram started to sip it slowly…

Ram you promised me that you will take me to the jeweler shop on Akshaya tritiya day and today is the day, so will you keep up the promise and will you take me to the shop in the evening?

Yah dear sure I knew it and I can also see the whole lot of advertisements which is published in today’s news paper on Akshaya tritiya.

So ram what you’re going to buy for me?

Ram shows an advertisement from the news page and points out a designer bangle, and said, dear how about this one? I will get you something similar to this, the design looks great I think it also suits our budget, what do you say?

Kavya face turns small and slowly makes her reply , you said me that you will gift me a diamond necklace and why you dropped down to bangles???

Yes I m also interested in getting you a diamond necklace but you see bangle is the most convenient one that I can afford to buy now; sure I will get you a diamond necklace soon in the months to come

Hmm Ok your request granted, don’t make any delay in the evening, get started quickly from the office, there will be a huge crowd in the shops today... Ram slowly shakes is head keeping eyes on the news paper,,,


Kavya picks up her ringing phone; it was her mother on the other side.... What dear have you finished all you’re cooking and cleaning works for the day???? Yes ma I partly finished it I have little more left to do,,,

Hmmm how about akshaya tritiya today, did your husband promised to take you to the jewelry shop?

Yes ma we are planning to go in the evening but as I said you before it won’t be diamond necklace, he said he will get me designer bangles and he promised a diamond necklace in the future,,, your son-in-law is more keen on his budget…

Kavya that’s not a bad deal at all but what ever it is, be sure of purchasing it today as you know this is a auspicious day if you buy gold today the luck will make you to buy more gold through out the year…

2.00 pm Ram @ office

Ram colleague Sathish approaches him,,, Dude SR Motors Chairman jus now called me he wanted to meet us by today evening 4 o clock ,,, I think we can positively get a business deal what we are trying for the past Two month...

ohh Sathish that’s great da I hope definitely this time he will be handing over us a big business proposal, come let start before it becomes late...

4.30 pm @ SR Motors

Ram and Sathish kept waited on SR Motors company lobby, the chairman's secretary comes in and put a words to Ram and Sathish saying that Chairman is busy and he wanted them to wait for another 30 mins, she said sorry for inconvenience and moved back

4.45 pm

Ram mobile rings up, when he noticed the display Kavya was on the call, he was just taken back to the promise he mad in the morning, he took the call and said, Dear sorry I am in an important appointment , will come home as soon as possible and will take you to the jewelry shop..... Kavya replied with an angry tone, I don’t think you will keep up your promise its already 5 o clock; I don’t know when you will come home and take me to the shop, she puts the phone off in angry…

10.15 pm @ SR Motors Parking lot

Sathish hugs Ram and says, dude we have done it, this is one of the biggest project I ever dreamed about, this is because you Ram, you made a fine balance and cut through on bagging this deal....

Ram makes a tiny smile and tapped his hands on sathish shoulder…..

Come on Ram let we go and celebrate with a grand dinner..

No da sathish I need to go back to home quickly, Kavya might be disappointed and will be angry with me,,, Since today its being an akshaya tritiya day , I made a promise that I will take her to the jewelry shop ,, now the day got finished , I don’t know what to do, I need go home and please her.


Ram presses down the calling bell; Kavya opens the door, makes a turn back and walks inside the bed room.

Ram gets inside the bed room. Kavya was lying down on the cot.

Kavya I am really sorry for not keeping up the promise actually you know what, today I got very big business deal ... kavya suddenly raised her angry voice and shouted, I don’t want to listen you any more please stop your explanations...

On the next continues days Ram tried to convince Kavya, but he failed with his attempts…

After 2 months:

Days have passed, and then Kavya slowly realized that the rapport was missing in between them for a silly reason, so she decided to say an open sorry to Ram.

It was 9o clock night,,, Ram presses down the calling bell and Kavya opens the door with out giving any eye contact to Ram.

Ram get inside the Bed room and takes away a box and a card from his bag, keeps it on the cot and get inside the rest room.

Ram washes his face on wash basin; he jus tilted his face to look on to the mirror, he found a scribbling written by Kavya, it said:

I am very sorry for bothering you so much dear; no day is auspicious without your love and care, you are my auspicious one and not a simple day,,, I love you so much please for give me…

On the same time Kavya sees the Box and card on the cot, she took the card and reads it, it said:

Sorry dear I disappointed you so much, it because of the situation, I couldn’t fulfill my promise on that day, but you know something I earned lot of income because of the business proposal I signed on that day, I work for, I live for you and I love you so much, please open up the box it is for you…

Kavya with heart full of pleasure opened up the box; she saw a fabulous Glittering Diamond Necklace and designer bangles in it…

By the time Ram opened the door from the rest room, He sawed Kavya eyes where more glittery than the diamond in the box , they throwed a little smile on each other , Ram made a soft touch over Kavya’s chin and That’s a Auspicious life time memorable moment they had,,,,