Friday, June 4, 2010

My Stupid Thoughts On Experiences!!!

Jus try out some of my stupid thoughts on experiences, if you have not tried yet before!!!

How to experience frustration?
Hmm jus try to count the number of hairs on ur head u end up in no result, n sure u can experience frustration


How to experience irritation?
To experience this you should be an married person, if not jus wait until u get married,,,


How to experience love failure?
find some one and act like making love, definitely you will end up in a failure ...
the beauty is, the result will be both the same for real love and reel love,,,


How to experience job?
Simply jus do your job and if you are not comfortable in doing it, jus watch others how they do it,,,


How to experience loneliness?
Don't take bath for at least two weeks, and see how people get run away from you,,,


How to experience nonstop crying?
switch on the idiot box and watch for mega serials


How to experience bankruptcy?
consult your nearest Doctor


How to experience a horrible noise ?
open up your mouth and just sing for a while


How to experience waste of time?
At present you are experiencing it by reading my post,,,


Relax! Relax! take it easy--- hahahaha


  1. thnk you,,,yerumm illadha kadila yerku tea aathuromnu theriyama athitu irrundhen,,,finaly i found a costumer ,,,hahaah

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