Friday, January 14, 2011

"Mother express"

Indian railways run a special train called Mother express on Tribute to Mother Teresa on her birth centenary…
The train came to Chennai central railway station on last Sunday jan 9th and here I share some of the clicks I had taken

On her young age

She was a mother for poorest of the poor

Let’s love one another as god loves each of us and where does this love began? In our own home – Mother Teresa

“Home for children”
In 1955 Mother Teresa opened ‘’Nirmala Shishu Bhavan’’ a home for abandoned newborn babies, and sick, handicapped, or unwanted children…

Officially established Missionary of charity on 7th of October 1950 at Calcutta

Mother Teresa began to meet the medical needs of leprosy sufferers in 1957 through a mobile medical dispensary
In January 1959, she opened a leprosy centre at titaghar. Providing medicines, surgery, and rehabilitation.

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love – Mother Teresa

Mother’s truly believed and followed ‘’Service to poor people is service offered to god’’

If you try starting to judge people you will not have time to love them – Mother Teresa

Its quiet nice to see a decent crowd of people who came down for seeing Mother Express

During Mother Teresa’s life time the signboard indicated her presence or absence. Since the time of her burial on the ground floor of the mother’s home,
the signboard always indicates that she is “IN”

God has given us life and when we die, we go back to Him.
We come from Him and return to Him.” – Mother

Mother Teresa’s room
She went home to god from this bed and from this room.

''Life is not about how simple you live,
But it is all about how you transfer others tuff life into a simpler one''

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