Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Furiousssssss (Funny) thoughts on Love!!!

Please note:
The term love her describes only about the love between a boy and girl, a man and women, a male and female.
And its as no connection on love which is performed with friends, family, society or pet animals,,,

What is the definition of love?
The one who strives to have it, without knowing the necessity of it

What are the properties of love?
Roaming, etc etc

List out different varieties of love:
One sided love , two sided love , triangular love , rectangular love , teenage love ,
college love , marriage love , love before marriage , love after marriage ,
love which is said , love which is unsaid , true love, fake love,
romantic love , erotic love, divine love, sincere love, serious love, crazy love, nonsense love, nuisance love, etccccc

Love is like a six pack abs regular work out is needed,
otherwise you will end up in single pack,, (u will left single again)

Love failure is like rocket failure,,, you can always launch an other one,
but every time you need to tolerate the back fire…

Love before marriage runs like a roller coaster
Love after marriage runs like a second hand scooter (and that too with starting trouble)

Love today is eco friendly no notes books used for love letters only face books are used

Having love affair with more than one at a time is a performance called multitasking,
(these kind of person either can be called multi talented or multi tolerant personality)

Person 1: Love is equal to god
Person2: how?
Person1: you cannot see it until you die

Why now a day’s love is becoming so cheaper?
It’s because lovers can roam for hour’s n hours inside big malls with just a 5rupess cone ice-cream!!!

Girl1 :( after getting wedding invitation from her friend) who is the Fiancé?
Is that same guy you loved for past 4years?
girl2: NO NO its a different guy,, myself and my x lover both had a
mutual agreement that we will love each other and will get married to some other

Who can understand love very well? An illiterate or an educated
No one can understand, because love is like a 2g spectrum scam

Girl: what is in me made you to love?
My beauty
My intelligence
My smile
My attitude,,,
Guy: sorry none of the above,, I was option less that’s y,,,

Happy lover’s day